APRIL, 2017

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Thank you for being on the event!
2 000 people from over 30 countries, one of the most modern congress centres in Europe, lectures hosted in an innovative way, raising involvement and absolute lack of boredom are inherent on such events. The plebiscite, where the main prizes were brand new BMW cars and the after party with several hundred people and Marek Sierocki as a DJ, and of course Electric Girls. FutureNet Event took place on 11th of March. It holds a special place in our history.
See the pictures: https://www.futurenet.club/event
Check the video: https://youtu.be/qxzYTOBCEb8

The first BMW prize!
The first BMW prize! While the FutureNet Event, there was a plebiscite, where it was possible to win the right to use our BMW car for the next 3 years. One of them just has been picked up by Antonina.
Check the video: https://youtu.be/M64t_MR1vJ0

FutureAdPro Anniversary
In April, we were celebrating the first anniversary of FutureAdPro! The platform is an excellent tool, which lets you to run an innovative marketing promoting your business and also to get your bonus from earnings in advertising sales.
Please visit: http://futureadpro.com/johnsteam

Video FuturoCoin: https://youtu.be/T39xYWJmAU8

New functionalities
The most recent implementations were FutureNet Chat and FutureNet Ads. Active chat on our platform is an activity that is most rewarded. Chatting, sending pictures, capturing videos – makes you earn money every single day. In addition, voice call option was extended by group conversations. FutureNet Ads makes it possible to advertise yourself in the FutureNet Platform. From now on, can promote your posts from an individual panel. Your ad can be displayed to the FutureNet members.

FuturoCoin – our cryptocurrency is coming this fall!
Do you know any social media platform having its own cryptocurrency? This is us! Soon, you will be  able to pay in FuturoCoin. Our virtual currency from the early beginnings will be a standard payment method! FuturoCoin owner will be able to exchange this currency to traditional money anytime.
More details at: www.futurocoin.com

New office in Kiev
In April, we opened a new office in Ukraine! It is placed in the best possible localization in Kiev! It is the second office this year, the first one was opened in Lviv. Lots of our programmers, graphic designers and a part of customer support team responsible for the Asian market are working there.

Fast ride in a luxurious car with FutureNet Lease
FutureNet cares for every of us not only to comfortably live in the virtual world, but also in the real world! We launched the FutureNet Lease service. Right now, you can rent a car with a special offer! For the active members of our platform, the long term leasing is up to 20% cheaper!
Check the offer here: www.futurenetlease.com

A new payment method for our members from British Islands!
The new payment method is already Available!
Bank transfer information:
B2B Computer Service Ltd for GBP in UK
Account number for British Pounds: 48889660
Sort Code: 30-98-97
Country: England
Direct link: FutureNet Deposit

Withdrawals in gold
FutureNet signed a contract with German company PGD, which as a partner will be responsible for paying your commissions in gold. We cannot wait any longer to see the first transaction in gold!
Check the video: https://youtu.be/KiU2DurmylM

FutureNet Cafe
In the nearest future there will be implemented a new business model – FutureNet Cafe  franchise. Do you want to cooperate with us? Contact us: marketing@futurenet.club

Electronic payments in FutureNet
The company also cares about the people, who want to make electronic payments more comfortable. FutureNet is currently implementing the system providing MasterCard with e-wallet (virtual wallet). This card will make it easier to make payments. Its owner will be able to payout the FutureNet commissions.

Hugh Paul and global marketing of FutureNet
Hugh Paul is hard working with FutureNet from the early beginnings. He visited us during our first and the second events. He has an enormous experience in MLM business and exactly knows what the network marketing is and shares his knowledge, while working with FutureNet.

Visit our online store
Feel invited to visit our online store with items branded by FutureNet!
Visit our store: http://www.store.futurenet.club/


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Your FutureNet Team JohnsTeam

Record Value of Bitcoin!

The Bitcoin price is on a record value of 1 BTC – 4500 $ and will grow further. Start your business with Future Net where you can get paid in Bitcoins!!

Future Net is a Real Online Business in various areas (details here below) -> https://johnsteam.futurenet.club/company

Our business areas are among others in: Social media, online shopping, online advertising, video production, Internet tools, and we are now further expanding with Future Net Leasing (BMW), Future Net Coin, Future Net Casino, Future Net Coffee Shops and many more.

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FutureNet, growing to the TOP!

More than 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 (one hundred twenty) days. And from all the rest only a few reach the 3 years. I am part of an online business that started in 2014 (3 Years ago!) and now really starts to grow to the top!

Ask yourself what do you hope to find online? Contact new people? Earn money online? Revenue share? CryptoCurrency? Advertising? Buy stuff online? Games? Name it, and we have it … Join our Global Movement today … Register free and I will be in touch to help you get started … We change lives!


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John ..

FutureNet shares their profit with the members.

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Future Net shares their profit with the members. Where comes the profit from? Future Net has created the best possible model for success. Income comes from so many different sources..

First we have the 6 Future Net Matrixes… This source of income is generating millions into the business. Then we have the advertising on the Future Net Platform, Just like Facebook Ads. Then there is Google Ads on over 1,000,000 future net members websites. Then we have online Games. Then the Shopping Portal with over 300 million products…Plus we have the Future Net Branded Products and Shop. The digital services that the company sells also. Then there is the Future Net Leasing Business and very soon the Future Net Cafes and the Future Net Casino!

But what is even more exciting for me than anything else is the launch of the Future Net Cryptocurrency the “FuturoCoin”

So we have the most stable and balanced Revenue Sharing platform in the industry and that’s why we are growing at such an exponential rate.. Offices are opening all over the world and we are really only just getting started.

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FUTUROCOIN, the first social media platform with its own coin launching in 2017!!

FUTUROCOIN, the first social media platform with its own coin launching in 2017!!


About FuturoCoin:

– There will be 100 million FuturoCoins
– 10% is for company + FutureNet Royal Members rewarding
– 20% is for Cloud mining packages / Affiliate program
– 70% will be for mining for over 10 years!
– FuturoCoin will start with its OWN BLOCKCHAIN!!
– FuturoCoin will be listed on BIG and popular exchanging platforms
from the beginning!! You can buy or sell coins at ANY TIME!
– We will start with many acceptance points for the FuturoCoin
– You can pay with the FuturoCoin in the FutureNet café as well

How to buy?

There will be many ways to get coins like in exchanging platform, but
the easiest way is to purchase packs for cloud mining. You will get
coins from the beginning and you will earn a passive income…

How to sell?

Sell your coins any time on exchanging platforms or pay with the coins

On many acceptance points that will be available Online & Offline!

I can’t wait it gets started

A Coin with its own blockchain in such a company (meanwhile nearly
1.1 Million Members) has such a fantastic growth potential at the very

Register today for Free…

Future Net unlimited life:
Registration Future Net advertising portal:

Please contact me any time!

Time for a Real Business, a Real Company, Real Products


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Future Net, since 2014, over 1 million members, is a real online Business, in different areas like: Social Media, Online Shopping, Online Advertising, Video Production, Internet Tools and soon we will expand with Future Net Leasing (BMW), Future Net Coin, Future Net Casino, Future Net Coffee Shops, and so on… Soon we will have our own cryptocurrency with our Blockchain, own marketing plan, listed on big exchanging platforms to trade or purchase our coins, and many acceptance points from the beginning. Become part of a global movement to be the first to receive all updates about what’s coming …Thanks, John …