FUTURO Coin Important Information

Image may contain: textFutureNet will have its own cryptocurrency, a real coin calledFUTURO and it will Be listed first on BitBay as “FTO”early January 2018!The FUTURO will be the #2 Best Coin on the Market in a short periodof time, as FutureNet will start it with about 2 Million Member. There will be a high demand and limited offer so the price of one Futuro Coin(FTO) only can go up and very fast !!

It will have an own Blockchain (Open source) from the first day.
It will be on trading platforms from the first day. It will have many
acceptance points online and offline from the first day and that
will grow very fast …

You will be able to obtain the coin on the exchange in BitBay IF available,most people will not sell at the beginning OR better would be to purchasea cloud-mining package starting at 100 USD and a 2 years contract.


If you are not a member of FutureNet and you wish to participate
in the cloud mining of FUTURO then please register free on my site
– http://www.MyFuturoCoinBiz.com


You can view the Futurenet system here – https://johnsteam.futurenet.club/info

Learn in 3 short videos the most important information about the Futurene Business opportunity – Changing lives is NOT just a slogan with FutureNet 🙂


Be in touch, John


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