Launch of the FuturoCoin January 31!

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We are pleased to inform that in the coming on 31.01.2018 we will provide the possibility to mine and perform FTO transactions. Before you start your adventure with our cryptocurrency, here are a few facts that will help you get to know FuturoCoin better:


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Blockchain solutions ensure that you are not able to perform the same transaction twice – you can be sure of your security when making a transaction.


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The private key is a random 32 byte number – the probability of generating an identical copy is near zero! However, remember not to lose it or share it with anyone – it may facilitate the theft of your FuturoCoins.


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FuturoCoin source code is based on DASH cryptocurrency solutions, tested and used by thousands of users.


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FuturoCoin is a cryptocurrency, the correctness of the transaction is immediately confirmed by the dedicated masternode network – imagine that you will be able to pay for your favorite coffee by the cryptocurrency right away!


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The time required to extract all coins is 10 years, and new blocks will be mined on average every minute.


We have created dedicated mining packages, thanks to which you will be able to receive the FTO without having to mine yourself.


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After 10 years, 100,000,000 FTOs will go into circulation, 30,000,000 of them will be mined in pre-mining. They will be used for marketing activities. Taking into account the remaining number of coins to be extracted (70,000,000) and the time parameter, each block will be awarded 13.31811263 FTO. 13.31811263 FTO.


In FuturoCoin, each blocks award is divided in half: 50% belongs to the miner, 50% is sent to the masternode network.

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Regardless of the number of FTOs sent, you will pay a fixed, low transaction fee.


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Register below and learn more about the FutureNet opportunity and take a free position to receive all the updates about the coming launch of the Futuro Network and the Mining Packages!



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