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About Cryp Trade Capial (CTC)

CRYP TRADE CAPITAL – Make a step into innovation with us!

CTC is an exciting passive daily income opportunity that is expanding at a rapid pace and one of the really exciting bits of news is that they are now about to launch their very own BitCoin Mining Farm, 20-25 offices worldwide. There will be available a Bitcoin ATM in each office!! For the American market there will be introduced the payment processor PAYZA in the coming weeks!

This is a huge leap forward for the company and another awesome income stream. Join my Partnership, you can start from as little as 50 USD on. Pay Processors available: Perfect Money, AdvCash and Bitcoin.

Money evolution:

Throughout the whole history, during the development of market relations, money has been constantly evolving and changing its form, becoming an equivalent to traditional values

Financial crisis:

Constantly bankrupting banks and companies, along with layoffs and cuts are always present around us

The first world cryptocurrency:

Particularly dynamic bitcoin volatility in relation to traditional currencies opens endless prospects for trading on the exchange

Advantages of bitcoin:

-Impossibility of forgery

-High volatility

-Minimum fees

-Anonymity of translations

-Absence of intermediaries

How to make money with Crypto currency?

Absolutely new kind of earnings with endless opportunities and incredible advantages over all investments.

Directions of development:

There are three certain paths of development in cryptographic trading:

  1. Long-term storage
  2. Active trading
  3. Trust management

CRYP TRADE CAPITAL – Make a step into innovation!

Main Office:

37.2, Alfonso X El Sabio Avenue, Alicante, Spain

Company geography:

The company´s authorized capital is $ 32,000,000 with partners in 33 countries

Company Products:

-Bitcoin-ATM machines

-Credit cards

-Online Trading

-Investment Portfolios

Investment Portfolios – See website (

Payment instruments: Use only the best payment instruments that are already set up to work with investments on Cryp Trade Capital (Bitcoin, Ethereum, AdvCash and Perfect Money)

Affiliate program: (See website)

CTC has marketing solutions that will allow you to become a partner of an individual program with generous encouragement!

CRYP TRADE CAPITAL – Make a step into innovation with us!

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